Our Story

VASCHIERI Lorenzo Company, strengthened by the experience gained in the agricultural sector using the latest technology, develops in the field of manure spreaders different models suitable for every use.
The accuracy of design, the use of the best materials in construction, and the most rigorous experimentation in operation make VASCHIERI Lorenzo machines not only a comforting aid to agricultural work, but machines of pure reliability in strength and functionality.
VASCHIERI Lorenzo Company, to meet every need.

A young man in his early twenties begins the journey in agricultural machinery design and construction. The perseverance, patience, and good will that distinguishes its founder Vaschieri Lorenzo, has led him to be appreciated by his clientele.

Using the latest technology, it has developed in the field of manure spreaders, different models suitable for every use, from large livestock farms to fruit and wine growers.

VASCHIERI Lorenzo manure spreaders, after all our testing, are able to pass even the everyday one by your side.
Quality, robustness and innovation are the guarantees for a safe purchase.

The company VASCHIERI Lorenzo srl guarantees them to you.